Savvy International School, follows the CBSE curriculum. It is a combination of curricular and co-curricular activities. Our aim is overall development of a child. We take the children beyond the classroom and groom them in such a manner that they become the pioneers of tomorrow.

The curriculum focuses on all the aspects of student’s development and provides opportunities to children to realize their inner strength and potential. The curriculum focuses on encouraging enquiry, exploration and inculcating confidence in key of learning skills-reading, writing, speaking, listening, information technology capability, problem solving. Children will be continuously encouraged and motivated to speak and perform at assemblies, annual days and on the special occasions so that they gain confidence in their ability to communicate.

The children are active, curious, experimental, imaginative as they possess’ unique abilities, interest, aspirations and expectations. The curriculum is designed to motivate and encourage students to become self confident, self reliant, self disciplined and help them achieve their full potential. The school seeks to achieve this through combination of curricular and co-curricular activities.

As we all know that today’s need is not only the bookish knowledge to be given to the student but also the education and training which help them to develop various qualities like Leadership, Teamwork etc. At Savvy International we believe that apart from academics students should get opportunity to show their various other talents too. We inspire and motivate our children to participate in each of the co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Classroom Education and a whole variety of activities go hand in hand and children enjoy learning.