Director's Message: 

To be a good human being is not easy. . We live in a world where basic values such as kindness and compassion are often not given the importance they are due of. We should learn to define our own morals. One of the simplest ways to do so is to love others, and treat them as you would like to be treated. Try to think of others before yourself. :
THINKERS – That’s what I want all my students to be. They should constantly engage in thinking about actions, consequences, problems and solutions. They should think about themselves, about others, the society, their country, the world, the environment, justice and everything else that constitutes the world.They should think of social structures, their significance and the hurdles they create. About the will which will help them conquer each hurdle that they come across and about how belief in themselves, will bring about change. 
OWNERSHIP - I want all my students to take ownership of themselves and their surroundings – home, school, the country and the wide expanses which they can reach. They need to understand that creating anything worthwhile takes umpteen hard-work, dedication and a whole lot of support from those around them.


Mrs. Priti Munshiani

Savvy International School

(Managed by: Savvy Education Society)

Gandhidham / Adipur